About Our Speaking Engagements…

We would love to share our passion for organization, efficiency and productivity with your group! The presentations listed below are great for luncheons, chapter meetings, or conference break-out sessions. Conference keynote topics are also available. All are formatted for 45-60 minutes.



Workplace Topics

Pulling some of her favorite and most popular workshop topics, Janet has many presentations ready to go. Below is just a sampling. If you’d like to chat about doing something different, just let us know.

  • Making Progress: “Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.” This quote from Alfred A. Montapert hits home with many of us who feel like our day runs us rather than us running our day. In this session, professional organizer and productivity trainer, Janet Jackson of Organization Solutions, LLC, will help us identify obstacles in our day and share some simple techniques that we can implement immediately to help us actually make progress.
  • The Gift of Organizing: Do you love to get gifts? In this session, you will learn how to give yourself a gift of every day reducing clutter and time spent looking for things. Four lucky winners will even get to open some gifts! Learn from Professional Organizer, Janet Jackson, how to organize your home office reduce the clutter that surrounds you, and get your hands on important information in a matter of seconds.
  • The Job of a Problem – Creative Problem Solving: It’s been said that the job of a problem is to get your attention. Well, what happens once it’s gotten your attention?!?! Professional Organizer, Janet Jackson, will share some simple strategies for attacking whatever life throws at you. Prior to our time together, spend some time thinking about and identifying your #1 struggle – at work, at home, or in life.
  • The Art of Delegating: Why you don’t, why you should, and how you can!

Life Topics

Janet knows that sometimes the best way to make more time for what matters most is to find easier ways to manage basic life-stuff. She has a special place in her heart for women who, like her, are balancing career and family. She believes, “If I can help someone find a little balance by just helping them find their earrings, then that’s what I’ll do.”

  • Boggle or Balance: In this fun and interactive presentation, Janet will facilitate a discussion on “Balance”. She will share her organization strategies, favorite tips, as well as help you discover simple ways to increase balance in your life.
  • Organizing on a Budget: Do you have more junk drawers than organized drawers? Do you constantly find yourself spending precious minutes simply looking for things? Are you being overrun by stuff? Do you envy the expensive closet systems that you’ve seen in home improvement stores or on TV? In this session, Janet will share with you some inexpensive tips that she uses to keep her own home organized.
  • Organizing for the Holidays: During the holidays, we need all the help we can get! In this session, you’ll learn some simple strategies used by Janet, and some of our favorite Holiday characters, to enjoy the holidays more and stress less.

Other Topics

Topics designed for specific audiences

  • From Closets to Conference Rooms: This session is designed for professional organizers interested in learning to work with business/corporate clients.
  • Living with Less Stuff: This session is designed for those facing the challenges of downsizing, either personally or as a child helping a parent.