About Our eLearning Options…

We have created a way for you to get the training you want without leaving your office! Since Janet started Organization Solutions, LLC, in 2001, there has been a phrase she repeatedly hears from clients, “There has to be a better way.” Whether it be a redundant task, a time-consuming job, or a complicated process, Janet helps her clients find exactly what they seek: a better way. Out of a growing response to her solutions and live workshops, we are making her trainings and knowledge available for you to access whenever and wherever you are.


eLearning Sessions at www.ABetterWayTo.co

Our sister site, www.ABetterWayTo.co, has many of our training sessions with more and more coming every month. For a one page summary of these recordings, click here. TIP: Use this handy PDF checksheet to keep track of the eLearning you have completed.

Better Way Memberships

Discounted pricing gives access to unlimited training for you or your organization for one year. Contact us for more details.

Onboarding Program

Receive discounted pricing and a training outline to help new hires or those who are new-to-the-office-environment get up to speed more quickly. Contact us for further details.