About Our Consulting Services…

Our best work happens when our client makes the commitment to partner with us for the long term (six months or more). We prefer this relationship-based consulting as it gives Janet the opportunity to learn and understand the business and the individuals within, giving her a deeper knowledge base for designing solutions. Our current clients have been with us, on average, for two years. From time-to-time we do work on a project basis. Below is a general listing of what our consulting services can include. To talk with us about our consulting services, contact us.


Custom Solutions

Janet fully believes in Occam’s razor: that the simplest solution is often the best solution. Instead of installing expensive, complicated software programs or apps, Janet can usually find a simple way to use tools you already own and know such as Microsoft Excel to solve workflow issues. Sometimes, the easiest solution is just a little additional training on how to use a particular program. For those more complex needs, she is able to create Access databases.

Electronic Organization

In the late 1990’s, KPMG had an ad that read: “Never before has so much technology and information been available to mankind. Never before has mankind been so utterly confused.” For many of Janet’s clients, that statement is as true as ever. One of her most frequently requested projects is to help organize electronic files. As a result, she has designed a simple, repeatable approach to help any organization spend less time looking for information and remove redundancy.

Facilitation Services

Simply put, this is getting everyone in the room, asking questions, solving problems, and making progress together. Even if the subject matter is not her forte, Janet has a way of pulling out all the ideas, helping the group prioritize, and then delivering an action plan while leaving everyone in the room “whole”. As desired, Janet can even help monitor – and ensure – progress.

One-on-One Coaching

Janet works with individuals, pulling from decades of past experiences and best practices, to find what works for that unique person so that he/she can be organized and productive in his/her unique setting.

Organizing Services

It is pretty typical for an organization to not just have a few junk drawers but to have entire “junk rooms”. You know the room, the place where files and office equipment go to die. If it is worth keeping, then it is worth knowing how to find quickly. Janet is not afraid of basements, mezzanines, or file rooms and will provide easy ways to answer the “Where did we put it?” question.

Systems & Processes

Often, Janet’s clients reach out to her because they are already successful. Yet, as they find their organizations growing and evolving, they recognize the need to develop systems and processes that can be provided to and repeated by future employees or even owners. Janet creates forms, templates, checklists, action plans, process flows, policies, and procedures to help document and standardize business processes.